About PineStrawSales.com

Pinestraw mulched landscaping

Our Website is ALWAYS in progress... please contact us & we'll be glad to answer any questions. (386) 208-4616 or use our contact form. Thanks and we look forward to serving you.

Bale Size: Our bale size is 12" x 13" x 27" inches long. Our average square bale weighs 15-20 pounds. Bales spread approximately 50-60 square feet at 3-4 inches in depth.

Palletized or Pallets of pine straw are now being shipped! - pallets make it cleaner and easier to unload and move around with a forklift!


We ship clean wholesale pine straw to the Southeast United States. Due to current diesel prices our minimum order is 400 bales.
- Minimums for pallets are being discussed. Call!

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